Iolite is the leader of her entourage based in the Iota Kindergarten. She's made up of two gems, Euclase and Chalcedony, after being forced fused together and unable to separate. After focusing and training her mind to maintain a 'normal' like form, she was able to transform into the gem she is now. Because of her being an experiment, she has some abnormal features that most gems don't have. Iolite now teams up with other gems who have similar situations as her and help them become more stable.

Appearance Edit

Iolite has a masculine jawline and a long pointy nose, large and full lips, small upturned eyes, and thick eyebrows. Iolite is taller than normal gems because of her abnormality, but because she's made up of two super strong gems, she's also stronger than normal. She has large arms (but her cuffs squish them so they look smaller) and a tiny waist, SUPER THICK thighs, and a large bust. Under her bangs are a bunch of purple eyes, surrounding another gem shard. Under her jacket is also another large gem shard growing across herleft shoulder to her right, forming a crack-like scar.


Under Iolite's bangs are a bunch of eyes and a gem shard, usually hidden by her hair

Current Edit

Iolite wears a deep violet tuxedo jacket with puffed up sleeves, an indigo and teal bodysuit with a cropped top that connects to the end of the corset. She has a belt under the top, knee high "sock heel" that connect with a garner belt. She has gold metal cuffs on her forearms and legs, light purple lace gloves, and a lace top that goes from the top of her corset to the button on her jacket making a diamond shape.

Previous Edit

Iolite still had the same body (but lighter skin), but her Jacket was purple, didn't close in on her chest, and had a shorter tail.

Personality Edit

Iolite can be super intense at times. She takes things very rough and serious, and if she isn't taking something serious, she doesn't get the job done the way she wants.

She's also very flirtatious and sarcastic, she likes messing around with her friends and make jokes about her sadness to cover it all up and make it not such a big deal. She jokes around at times, she can be outgoing depending on who she's around, and she can show off her strength a lot.

Iolite is extremely paranoid and depressed, especially when she cant fix another gem or when she sees how much of a mess she really is. Sometime's she losing control and hides somewhere and will (literally) beat herself up, scream and cry until her stability is ok again. Theres a lot of self loathing because of what happened to her, a lot of trauma and self punishment. However, she refuses to show it to anyone besides her Pearl.


Iolites paranoia interferes with her stability, causing her to lose her form and slowly turn into a mutant

Abilities Edit

Because Iolite is made up of multiple gems, she has a lot of power. Like any other gem, she's able to summon a weapon, which is a spear/lance. There are chains on the end of the lance, like a whip. They extend to whatever length, and like Amethysts whip, can have multiple chains on it. The spears also act as a harpoon, launching off or firing light beams like Pearl's spear. Her spear is also much bigger than her, similar to Sardonyx's warhammer.

Weapon wiki

Iolite's lance

Iolite cant bubble gems normally, she usually asks her Pearls to bubble gems for her and keep them safe. Iolite can levitate, teleport, have visions of the future, grow extra limbs, and other normal gem abilities. Because Iolite is a mutant, she can form back into her old form to trick other gem mutants and fight them like that, so the mutant doesn't think she's going to hurt them. (Sometimes she does stay in her stable form and try talking to them, but that doesn't happen often) She can grow gem shards out of the ground (but they dont make any physical forms)

Fusions Edit

  • When fused with all my gemsonas, they make Blue Chalcocite.
  • Fused with Peridot makes Spectrolite Labradorite.
  • Fused with Eyris pearl, makes Blue Lepidolite.

Gemology Edit

41fXA9L0rJL. AC SL230 -1-

55Carat Iolite.


Processed Iolite and rough Iolite

Iolite is also known as "Water Sapphire" and "Vikings Stone." Legends say Vikings used this stone to block the suns glare.

Deeper colored Iolite is much more valuable, and a good substitute for more expensive stones.

Iolite's healing properties are intended to move someone spiritually and physically, and gives someone motivation. It helps with balance and organization, and dissolves past problems. It also helps discover ones true self, and moving forward. ( which explains why Iolite helps other gem mutants)

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